Custom 'Mama Bear' Sign

Custom 'Mama Bear' Sign

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Mother's Day is just around the corner and we have the sweetest gift! Our gorgeous unfinished wooden Mama Bear plaque is something that will be treasured for years. The unique font and etching of each name gives this piece real character. This plaque goes beautifully in a gallery wall, surrounded by family photos, on a mantle, in a closet or bathroom, office, or kitchen.

This piece is gorgeous and right on trend in its natural state but it is absolutely stunning when a simple stain is washed over the entire piece.. making the names and etching a bit darker than the rest of the piece. This adds wonderful dimension and contrast to the piece. You can also paint or add embellishments to your piece!

Each piece comes with the standard Mama Bear, arrow, and etched bear -- customer may choose up to 5 names per plaque. Names can only be 8 characters long.

ATTENTION: The first name text field is for the name you want at the top under Mama Bear. Followed by the second name text field underneath and so forth. If you don't have five names/4 names etc. then just leave those text fields blank.

Dimensions are 11"W x 16.5"H x .5"D