Custom Date

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Please type in this format 10.3.16

Our custom date signs are perfect for that special date -- wedding date, engagement, birthday, etc. Each sign comes Unfinished and ready to paint, stain, or embellish. These are perfect as wedding sign books, engagement photos, birthday party or nursery decor!

ATTENITION:  Customer may only use 6 NUMBERS and have TWO PERIODS per date.  Customer must also put the periods exactly where they want them to go.    The width of 23" will not change from date to date, however the height will depending on how few or how many numbers.  Please keep this is mind.  We will not add a zero anywhere on the date unless you type it yourself......

Example: If you type 3.14.16 it will appear 3.14.16 

Dimensions: 23"W x 7.5"H (approximately)  x .5"D