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60" First + Middle Name

  • $ 4999

Our huge, oversized names are absolutely a perfect centerpiece for your child or baby's room. 

IMPORTANT INFO: The two names will be put side by side and will be sized proportionally (to each other) for a total of 60 inches in WIDTH. Names will vary in width depending on how long they are.
For Example: The sample "Everly Rose" is approx. 34" wide for Everly and 26" wide for Rose.. making the two names a total of 60" wide. The names you choose will be sized proportionally to each other so they will have the same HEIGHT but will vary in WIDTH depending on how many letters there are in each name.

Shown are the First letters in this font. Please make sure you are happy with how each first letter looks. If you need a full name preview, please email with your order number. 

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